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Eco replacement for food foil


Washable, malleable, reusable, 100% decomposable, compostable and ECO!



Food storage wipes that are washable, reusable, 100% decomposable, compostable and ECO! It can be used as a bag for the tsnack.


How should I use the beEco PACK?


It is always better to use a larger beEco PACK than the item you want to pack. If you are covering plates or bowls, the beEco PACK should extend at least halfway from the edge. Use the warmth of your hands and wrap beEco PACK around food or container you would like to wrap . When it cools down (within a few seconds), it retains its shape. Use it to wrap cheeses, vegetables, pastries, fruits, herbs or cakes.



What can I use beEco PACK for?


For various purposes. For packing bread, croissants and other foods. To cover bowls with food or cups, cups

or bottles of wine :). It is ideal for wrapping hard cheese. They are suitable for wrapping halves of lemon, lime, onion, cucumber, apples for travel, radish... It can be wrapped in soap in a cosmetic bag, it can be used as a plate or a tablecloth (do not place warm items!).

It is ideal for packing schoolo snacks for children. It can be used to make a small bag or basket for food.


What is beEco PACK made of?


beEco PACK is made from 100% cotton and beeswax from domestic production from local beekeepers, organic coconut oil and resin. It does not contain any added "E" or anything like that. It is a malleable and reusable food packaging. Beeswax is natural, antibacterial and antifungal (prevents mold growth), helping to keep things clean. In the food industry, you may find E901 in beeswax. Don't worry, though, this "E" is useful, harmless and more beneficial.


How should I wash the beEco PACK?


wash the beEco PACK with cold or lukewarm water with a mild eco dishwasher and a sponge, or just rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Then simply let it dry. Do not wash it in the dishwasher, do not heat in the microwave and do not iron. A "patina" will form on the surface over time, but this is not a mistake.


How long can I use beEco PACK?


With proper maintenance, the beEco PACK should last for several months (6 up to 12). It depends on how it is maintained. If it comes into contact with hot surfaces or water above 60 ºC, the wax will melt and this will affect durability.


Where should I store the beEco PACK?


beEco PACK you can store e.g. in the drawer in the kitchen. We recommend a closed and dry place, or simply put them in the basket (you can also assemble the basket directly from the beEco PACK).


What should I do if my beEco PACK has a lot of creases and seems less functional?


You can return the beEco PACK to its original beauty in an easy way. Place your beEco PACK on baking paper on a baking sheet, preheat the oven to 140 ºC. Insert the plate into the oven, leave the door open and wait for the wax to melt. When melted, remove the baking tray and carefully separate the beEco PACK from the baking paper by the corners and wait until the wax hardens again. Your beEco PACK will be beautifully restored again. Only handle with clean hands!


What should I do if I feel that the beEco PACK is not "sticking"?


Some surfaces are not suitable for the use of beEco PACK, most of them are plastic bowls. The best surface for beEco PACK adhesion is glass, metal, ceramics and wood.



Does beEco PACK have any scent?


Yes, beEco PACK is made of beeswax, so it also has its own characteristic scent, which, however, is not transmitted to packaged foods. The scent fades with time, use and washing. Most people like this scent, but there are also people who are not looking for the scent.


Can I also pack eggs and meat?


We do not recommend. As the water for washing cannot exceed 60 ºC

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