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Shopping in our e-shop is very easy.


If you have a problem with that, you will find instructions below :)

In the e-shop, you can order any items that have a button called "Add to cart". The price for the delivery of items must be added to the price of the items. After sending the order, our sellers will inform you by e-mail or telephone about the availability of items and the total price.

Step 1 - Selection of items

In the first step, you choose the items you are interested in. You can select items by category via the menu. In the menu, which is located in the left column, you will see all the subcategories as you move the mouse, which allows you to search clearly and quickly. The text search window is item to use if you know exactly what kind of items you are interested in.



Step 2 - Put in the cart

If you have already decided on the items, choose the number of pieces and by pressing the "Add to cart" button, the items will be automatically added to the shopping cart. You can then proceed with the next selection of items. You can always access the cart page by pressing the "Shopping cart" button in the upper right corner of the screen. On this screen, you can select items from the cart or update the quantity of the selected items. When you have finished selecting the items, log in (you can also make a purchase without logging in) and press the "Continue to summary" button.

Step 3 - Order items


After checking the "Shopping Cart". Enter the data needed to send the order: your name, surname and address, delivery address (if different from the first one), your telephone number and e-mail. Email and phone are required information so that we can inform you about the availability of items, delivery time and other details of the order. (When ordering, it is possible that it will be divided according to the time of delivery of individual items. We will inform you about any changes in your order).



In this step, you will also choose a payment method:


- Payment by bank transfer in advance to our bank account

- Cash on delivery upon receipt from Slovenská pošta


Press the "Order items" button. Your order will be sent to the equipment. After sending the order, you will receive an e-mail notification of receipt of the order. We will then contact you regarding further details of the order processing.




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